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Plastic Car Engine will be Powered Once Again

Date Added: September 19, 2015 10:21:57 AM
Author: adarsh
Category: Computers & Internet: Discussion Forums: Automotive
Plastic Car Engine will be Powered Once Again Posted On June 12,2015 11:35 AM The Polimotor 2 will be known for the Plastic Car Engine. It can churn for the Power Output of around 450bhp, which seems pretty impressive. Let us explore into deep about the Polimotor 2. Matt Holtzberg is the US Based Engineer. Solvay Chemicals is about to construct the Plastic Engine in collaboration with him. About Polimotor 2 • The Plastic Car Engine will be called as Polimotor 2. • It gets for 4 Cylinders. • It weights in between 63 & 67 Kg. • It is 40 Kg lighter compare to other 4 Cylinder Engines of Nowadays. • It is Dual Overhead Camshaft Engine. • It is featuring for the Improved Fuel Injection & Plastic Turbocharger. • It will deliver the Power Output of 450bhp at 8000rpm. It will be making use of the below. • Oil Pump • Water Inlet/Outlet • Water Pump • Fuel Rail • Throttle Body • Cam Sprockets It is going to be installed in the M 20 C Coupe Concept Car. This concept car is developed by Norma Auto Concept (the French Racecar Designer & Builder). This concept car will be tested by the year 2016. The Previous Polimotor • It was the Previous Version of the Engine. • It was developed way back in the year 1982. • It was based upon the 2.0 Litre Cosworth BDA Engine. • It was delivering for 290bhp Power at 8500rpm. • It weighted for 84 Kg. • It was used in LOLA T616. The Parts used in this are as below. • Engine Block • Air Intake Trumpets • Cam Cover • Intake Valve Stems • Wrist Pins • Piston Skirts • Oil Scraper Piston Rings • Connecting Rods • Tappets • Timing Gears • Valve Spring Retainers Highlights of Current Engine • The Main Highlight of the Polimotor 2 is Carbon Fibre. • It also has the Patented Material called Torlon. • Previously it was manufactured by Amoco Chemicals. • Now the full rights are given to Solvay Chemicals.