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What makes multiple domains a strict no-no for SEO?

Date Added: August 25, 2015 03:14:33 PM
Author: Indrahosting
Category: Science and Technology: Information Technology
Many organizations believe that buying multiple domains will drive traffic to their website which, in turn, will ensure revenue. According to these organizations, buying of popular keyword domains ensures that their websites remain at the top of search engine rankings. However, this is a faulty method and runs contrary to sound search engine optimization (SEO) principles. With unlimited web hosting services, organizations cannot control traffic for a long time. They are bound to face issues with content quality, visitor management and escalating costs. In the long term, the costs are going to travel upwards, and the profit is going to travel south. Here are a few reasons why multiple domains are a bad idea for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Duplicate content How are you going to manage content in different websites? Are you going to just copy and paste or rewrite content across websites? In either case, content tends to lose its uniqueness because you are selling the same products or services. What is worst is that visitors to your websites are likely to identify duplicity of content and that may be a bad thing for your brand. Search engine algorithms are smarter than earlier (Google Panda is a prominent case in point), and duplicate or redundant content will eventually be shoved out of the top rankings. Time and cost You will have to invest substantial time, effort and money, even if you decide to have the same content across websites. Consider the efforts you will be expending on rewriting, designing, hosting and search engine optimization (SEO) activities, you need to think whether the returns will exceed the costs in the long term. Another important point is to think about the cost of buying multiple domains. Do you think that the returns from these domains will exceed the cost you have incurred on buying and maintaining these domains in the long term? Issue with brand identity Reputed organizations tend to have a single website and for good reasons, they do not want people to be confused about their brand. If you employ keyword-rich multiple domains for a single line of product, it finally will confuse the visitor because they are going to find the same content. Confusions with brand identity can, in the long term, wreak havoc with your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. To ensure steady traffic, it makes more sense to have a single website and focus on sound search engine optimization (SEO) practices and promotion. Though owning multiple domains can yield results in the short-term, you will understand the problems in the long term. The only case where multiple domains can work is when you want to have different websites in different countries. For local search engine optimization (SEO), single website should be the strategy.