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How to Do SEO Planning for a Successful Businessman?

Date Added: August 31, 2015 08:05:57 PM
Author: Anonymous
Category: Computers & Internet: Design and Development
By making an ecommerce website you can start your online business easily. Before making your website you have to remember some points. You just imagine that if you have an ecommerce website which is looks ugly and navigation are not friendly, then your visitors will be hitting the back button before you can say stop. If your site is integrated by webmaster tool then you will see that your site bounce rate will go through the roof and you will must lose your google rankings. So, how to gain success in this platform? By making easy navigation and eye catching design you can increase the customer staying time. If your customer feel comfortable with your ecommerce site then it will great thing for your success. Hey guys now I am going to share with you some tips which is extremely good for your google rankings and it’s proven because I got the successful result. ecommerce seo Targeting of your valuable Keyword For an ecommerce site your site should be keyword rich. In every page you have to use your targeting KW but do not mess it more. If google detect it that you are stuffing you kws then google will penalty you. Using Breadcrumb Trail Using breadcrumb trail you can make your site easy navigation and I think many of our entrepreneur are not familiar with this item. This is a very short navigation system and if your visitors go inside your site they can easily go back to the main pavilion. Product Categories Placement or Position If you have designed your site with a left sidebar then I will say you are very intelligent guy because by researching our eyes some analyzer says that our eyes at first see the left portion. So if you have make your left sidebar with proper categories then your visitors will get the right thing within a sec. SEO Friendly URL Google says that they avoiding url kw phishing domain but I think it’s still worked. I have checked lot of sites and they bought the domain using their kws. But one thing when you will buy your domain just remember mixing kws with your company is an intelligent idea like if you are a photographer, your name is hamilt and you want that people will get you by searching best photographer. So hamil-photgrapher.com is the best name for SEO. Using Google Analytics By using Google analytics is a tool you can track your visitors where they came from and where they are going and where is their interest. By researching this data you can make your site healthy. New Images with Alt Tags Believe it or not an ecoomerce site ranking depends on new images and alt tags. If you have an camera please take your photo by your own hand. Don’t do edit much. Give alt tags for your every product. Heading Tags (h1-h6) Content ranking depends on heading tag. If search engines founds your title unique and important, then your website pages ranking will go through the roof. All credits goes to QuantumCloud. QuaqntumCloud is an outsource web design company.