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5 Must Follow Tips For Campus Placements In 2015

Date Added: September 04, 2015 02:44:06 PM
Author: oompfh
Category: Arts & Humanities: Job and Employment Resources
Tips for campus placements 1) Know about the Company. Anytime before attending a campus recruitment online, try to know how the Company’s interview and their work culture would be. Generally Companies search for the people who are really apt for the role and also who can adjust for the Company’s culture. Try to know about the Company’s business, work culture, perks and other details about the company. You can find such details, previous questions and reviews in many websites online. 2) Prepare new resume according to the role Try to understand the job description clearly and prepare a resume (see”Create Free Resume“) which includes the responsibilities of that job description. So, that the recruiter feels your profile apt for that particular role. There shouldn’t be any overdosage in this case. This will be in the list of tips for campus placements forever. 3) Never be the opposition When an HR asks you about something and say are you okay with that? For example, he offers you a salary of XX XXX and asks you are you okay with that. Never say, “No, I am not okay with that”, though if you are not okay express it in a smoother way. You may use the words like “Yeah, I am okay with that but I would feel better if you change change it to YY YYY”. 4) Re-check your social profiles Before you appear for an interview, check your social network profiles and make sure that there is no explicit content on them. A recruiter said that he rejected a girl saying “I like taking tequila in weekends” on her social network timeline. He said, “How can I employ her, I don’t want an employee who takes tequila on weekends and come back to the office on Monday with hang-over”. If you want to post such personal issues, setting up privacy for them is suggested. 5) Size of your Resume Mention only most important and worthy things in your resume and exclude all the crap, according many surveys a freshers resume should be only a single A4 paper and it can be manageable if it is increased up to 2. More than 2 A4 papers of resume 100% non-preferable. This is one of the must-follow tip in tips for campus placements. About Author admin Oompfh